Federal Highway - Mid Valley
Federal Highway - Mid Valley LED Advertising Board Malaysia Johor Bahru Supplier, Rental, Supply | Helo Holding Sdn Bhd

Strategically Located at busiest Federal Highway in front of Mid Valley Mega Mall with viewing of 8 million eye balls per month.
Display Size:
15ft (H) x 30ft (W)

Video Resolution:
480 (Ver) x 864 (Hor) Pixels

Video Ratio:
16 : 9

Operation Hours:
18 Hours (6am - 12am Daily)

Commercial Appearance:
5min / Loop (300 Sec / Loop)

Duration of Spot:
15 Sec / Spot / Avertiser
Max. 20 Spots / Loop

Spots Per Day:
Min. 6,480 Spots

  • High Resolution Video & Images
  • Avoid White Background in Video
  • Big Front Size & Logo
  • Clear & Simple Messages
  • Video Format Prefer in wmv, avi, mov or pic in jpeg
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